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Musical Theatre 5-16+ years


Musical Theatre is a great way to combine the 3 disciplines of dance, singing and acting in one class. Material is taken from a variety of West End and Broadway style productions as well as current theatre style movies.  Classes are designed to educate pupils from a wide spectrum of shows, past and present, thus building their confidence whilst allowing them to discover the inner performer in them!


Being a small independent Dance Academy, I strongly believe in offering a very personal approach, giving each pupil the opportunity to shine and learn with a strong emphasis on the word "fun".  The uniqueness is that the quality of teachers are direct off the stage and have careers and experience in the Theatre world as well as being highly qualified teachers.


So if you have a budding ‘Oliver’ or ‘Annie’ in your midst  or they simply just love to perform – this is the class for them! 

                                                 MONDAY's 4-5pm register your interest now!

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